About Me

Update 11/23/2020: Wow, a lot has changed! Hello, my name is Dillon and I am a third-year law student at New York University. Starting next fall, I will be a Skadden Fellow at the ACLU of New Jersey, working on investigating and addressing the use of automated decision systems in public benefits in NJ, specifically focusing on their use in benefits for adults with developmental disabilities. Feel free to drop me a line at d i l l o n @ l o n l o n . i o or on twitter.

Update 7/1/2018: Hi! I'm an independent computer science researcher currently located in NYC. Right now I'm a Technical Fellow with the AI Now Institute, where I tackle issues of machine learning bias, algorithmic accountability, and 17th century philosophical conlangs. Previously I collaborated with Princeton’s Center for Information Technology Policy and the Princeton Web Transparency and Accountability Project. My research there focused on user privacy, data and algorithmic transparency, and the Internet of Things. If it involves technology and its impact on real people, I'm there.

Previously I was a software engineer on the Google privacy team, where I advised product teams on privacy-conscious development and developed infrastructure to better protect user data. I received my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Princeton University, where I concentrated in technology policy.

Have an interesting project you want help exploring? Need someone to give a technical tutorial for non-technical people? Just want to chat? If you'd like to [hire me]/[yell at me]/[talk to me], you can email me at d i l l o n @ l o n l o n . i o, visit me on twitter, or check out my github.

Not-so-Recent Projects (Last updated November 2017)



(Full list at Google Scholar)

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